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A Reputation 17 Years

Golden Man Auto Spare Parts LLC, is a reputable name in the auto spare parts market, owing to the sheer diligence and hardwork of its team for the last 17 years. We have grown from our humble beginnings to a name widely recognized in GCC,SUB CONTINENT & AFRICA.
We credit this to our Principles and Strategies.

Our Strategy

We personally go into the field, engage with global market giants, and bring home to our customers high quality products that suit their requirements and usage at a fair price.

We are a progressive, forward looking team, who are able to extensively survey the market and understand its current and future needs from the viewpoint of growth.

Through this careful analysis we are able to introduce innovative products and up to date marketing strategies to keep up with the business trends of the future.

Our marketing strategy includes, but is not limited to, direct engagement with suppliers and customers, to understand the needs of both. Both parties are at the centre of our business and this speaks of our loyalty to them.

To meet this end in a more sophisticated manner, we have launched our internet portal, which will bring our products at the fingertips of the customers.

By the Grace of Almighty God, these work ethics have won us the confidence of our customers and suppliers alike.

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Hitachi Disc Brake Pads

Hitachi Brake Pads are used as O.E.M by some Japanese Vehicle Makers including Nissan, Toyota and Daihatsu in a portion of their newly assembled vehicles. Hitachi Brake Pads are considered one of the best brand worldwide in terms of Quality. Despite a slightly higher price, It is still the fastest growing Brake Pad brand in Middle east & Africa market.

Shock Absorbers

DYNOMICAL shock absorber is the leading brand in GCC & African countries due to its excellent quality, competitive price & wide range of automobiles shock absorbers.


Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) battery is manufactured in an eco-friendly, modern plant and day by day becoming popular for its huge benefits and easy applications. From industrial plants to solar, telecom to power sectors & in automotive industry – everywhere SMF technology is now being used. The lead-calcium present in SMF Battery defines its long-lasting nature and higher efficiency for the low self-discharge rate. GOLDEN plus SMF Battery is an excellent invention that is made keeping in mind technical specifications and highest standards & offering 12 months performance warranty which is the main key to our customer’s trust.


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